LEI Management

LEI Management is mostly used by Banks, Funds, Capital Management Services, etc.

As an LEI Manager, you can apply for, renew and transfer LEIs on behalf of your customers, to ensure, that their LEIs are always up to date.

LEI Managers have a detailed overview of their customers' LEIs (eg. payment date, company name, application status, LEI status, LEI code, download and upload required documents, download invoices and easily renew the LEIs when it's time).

Some of those include:

  • A clear overview of the LEIs under your management.
  • Easy LEI operations (document upload, renewals, LOA download, etc.)
  • Possibility to apply for multiple LEIs at once (using our Bulk LEI Form).
  • Possibility to pay for multiple LEIs at once using Debit/Credit Cards, UPI, NET banking or Pro-forma Invoice.
  • Possibility to apply or renew an LEI for 1/2/3/4/5 years at a time.
Price Quotation for the Certificates:
  • Soft copy – ₹499 +18% GST = ₹ 588.82
  • Hard copy – ₹ 500 + 18% GST =₹ 590. Note: Hard copy always comes with soft copy. So total will be ₹ 1178.82

Referral Management

Referral management is meant for people or businesses who want to earn extra income by inviting users to apply for an LEI with us.

Referral management users can generate a unique referral link or use an iFrame on their website. If a client uses the specific link or iFrame, they will earn commissions for each invitee.

Some of those include:
  • Earn hefty commissions by inviting clients.
  • Earn more commissions, by asking a client to renew for more than one year.
  • Have an overview of the previous invitees, and see the total collectible amount on their account.
  • Receive the collectible commissions every month (at least three successful referrals required for payout).
  • Recurring commissions- if the invitee renews the LEI in the following years, you will additionally receive 50% of the original commission.
  • Commission scheme

About Legal Entity Identifier

LEIAdmin India is an LEI management platform for retail and corporate customers who manage multiple LEIs. Our aim is to offer simplified LEI creation, renewal and import of LEIs from other service providers.

LEIAdmin India is a service by LEI Register India Private Limited.

LEI is needed to identify legal entities that are counterparties to securities transactions and it is used for transaction reporting purposes.

The Legal Entity Identifier connects a legal entity to its key reference information (name, location, etc.). The LEI number enables identifying legal entities participating in global financial markets for various supervisory purposes.

The global LEI helps regulators better monitor and analyze threats to financial stability. It also helps companies improve their internal management of operational risks and reduce costs in collecting, cleaning, and aggregating data, and in reporting data to regulators.


To register an account we ask to provide your name and email. After the account registration a randomly generated password will be sent to your email. We strongly suggest to change it after the first login.

Please click and check our pricelist for services. If you are unhappy with our pricing (you have seen better prices elsewhere) please feel free to contact us at [email protected] 

LEIAdmin India supports Credit card, Debit card, UPI, Net Banking and Bank Transfer payments. 


We provide a new LEI usually in a couple of hours. It can take less than 30 minutes to couple of hours. In rare occasions up to 24 hours. Extended validation time occur due to Level 2 data validation (who owns who).

Yes, LEIAdmin India supports importing LEIs from other service providers. LEIs can be imported one by one or in bulk. The easiest way to apply in bulk is to fill in our bulk .xls or .xlsx file and upload it to LEIAdmin.  

A Registration Agent helps legal entities to access the network of LEI issuing organizations responsible for performing LEI issuance and related services. The Registration Agent’s role in the Global LEI System is directly connected to the LEI issuing organization. The Registration Agent may choose to partner with one or more LEI issuing organizations to ensure its clients’ needs for LEI services are met.

For a detailed overview of registration agents, see here.

Investment service providers must request customers that are legal entities to provide all information which is necessary for submitting information about transactions to supervisory authorities. Such information includes Legal Entity Identifier number.

If a customer, who is a legal entity, does not provide the investment service provider with the necessary information, including an LEI number, for reporting a security transaction, the service provider will not be able to fulfil their legal reporting obligation. Consequently, the investment service provider may refuse to provide the service.

Banks and investment service providers verify the validity of LEI numbers from the GLEIF database. As GLEIF performs database updates once per day, the LEI number issued to you will be listed in the database on the following day from 14.00 CEST. For example, if your Legal Entity Identifier was issued today, it will be listed in the global database tomorrow from 14.00 (CEST).

The validity and information related to a Legal Entity Identifier number-code can be checked from the website of the umbrella association at www.gleif.org.

You can also check the validity of your LEI number by using our LEI search box.

Legal Entity Identifier numbers are universal codes and are not tied to any specific country. Each LOU has its own identifier, which is contained in the first four numbers of the LEI code. LEI codes are valid worldwide regardless of the LOU that issued the code.


An LEI code needs annual renewal. If the deadline has passed, your LEI will become inactive until renewed again. This renewal process is necessary to ensure the data in the Global LEI Pool is relevant and up to date.

Yes, the Legal Entity Identifier system is built on the principle of making the information publicly available. LEI-related company data (name, registry code, address, address of the principal office, country of registration, etc.) are accessible to everyone through the GLEIF website.

Any interested party can easily access and search the complete LEI data pool free of charge on the GLEIF website using the web-based LEI search tool developed by GLEIF.

To fulfil their reporting obligation, investment service providers need their customers that are legal entities to have a valid Legal Entity Identifier code. Before carrying out any securities’ transactions, investment service providers verify the existence of a valid LEI code.